Gibson 345

gibson 345

The gibson guitar j45 Standard guitar features a variation of Gibson’s “X” bracing pattern situated behind the soundhole, with a set of tall and thin braces for the back, and scalloped tall and thin braces for the top. This legendary bracing design delivers a balanced expression, with punchy, deep lows, warm mids, and clear, crisp highs. When pushed for more volume, the Gibson J-45 projects a natural compression, which helps it blend nicely with any accompaniment. Includes case.

Add a dose of vintage vibe to your rig with the Gibson Memphis 1964 ES-345 TD semi-hollowbody electric guitar. From the historically correct body shape, truss rod, solid center block, and bracing to the 1964 neck profile and hot-hide glue construction, the 1964 ES-345 TD offers vintage perfection. You can dial in killer guitar tones thanks to the alnico magnet pickups and mono Varitone circuit. This premium guitar delivers the feel, looks, vibe, and sound you’d expect from a true vintage instrument. Get your hands on the Gibson Memphis 1964 ES-345 TD semi-hollowbody electric guitar and see what you’ve been missing.

Gibson Memphis built the 1964 Gibson 345 TD semi-hollowbody electric guitar to vintage specs for an instrument that plays just like the original. The ES-345 TD’s neck and body are built using hot-hide glue which many argue sounds better than synthetic glue. Gibson Memphis also uses a vintage-accurate truss rod, truss rod washer, and anchor in the guitar’s neck. Every piece of wood used in the ES-345 is hand selected by its looks and weight. Just like the original, these guitars are lightweight wonders to play.

Tonal excellence is yours when you plug the Gibson Memphis j 45 gibson guitar TD into your favorite tube amplifier. Loaded with a pair of MHS Alnico pickups, each with its own volume and tone controls, you’ll be able to dial in chiming country tones as easily as savagely distorted rock tones. The Alnico III neck pickup gives you classic hollowbody-style tones for everything from smooth jazz to dirty blues. Flip to the Alnico II bridge pickup, and you’ll command sounds covering everything from bright and clean to raw and mean. Sweetwater guitarists have found that between the alnico pickups and the 6-way Varitone filter, you can create a wide range of tones that will work at any gig.