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Gibson J45 Review

Gibson J45 Review

The J-45 is an all solid wood guitar. It has a sitka spruce top and mahogany back and sides. It is x braced and is round shouldered. It is covered with a warm glossy sunburst finish. It comes with an undersaddle pickup and depending on where you buy it it will usually come with a case.

Sound: My personal opinion on the J-45 is that is has a warm woody tone and a slight sparkle on the highs. Then again there are some J-45s that are complete duds and have no livelyness and are dull and boring. When comparing the J-45 to other guitars my first impression when strumming it is that the guitar is perfect for telling a story it almost has a personality that draws you in when playing a song. Although it might not have as much balance as some other square shouldered dreadnoughts I think somebody looking for a guitar that wants something that would add an extra layer of depth and emotion to their song should really consider this guitar.

Action, Fit & Finish: The finish is very pretty and although it has minimal appointments compared to other guitars in its price range I find that it has a vibe that boasts the attitude of a guitar player that has been playing for years and wants to take the stage and say “I don’t need to prove to anyone how good I am just shut up and listen to my sound I know what I’m doing” hahaha I don’t know if anyone else gets this vibe from a gibson j 45 strings but I certainly do.

Reliability & Durability: Yes this guitar is perfectly capable of withstanding gigging and the dings and knicks that come along with it.

Overall Impression: MY overall impression of this gibson j-45 dimensions is that its perfect someone who has already found their sound and understands what sets their sound apart from others. I also love the look and attitude the guitar gives off when played. If it were stolen I would go out and buy another one instantly. I compared it to other acoustics such as the Gibson Hummingbird and althoug in my opinion the humminbird had more balance and is probably a safer guitar for all generes or for somene that playes an abundant amount of styles of music I feel like the J-45 does a better job at telling the story of a song and has more of a specific tone or “personality” than the Hummingbird and other guitars

Gibson J 45 Review

Gibson J 45 Review

The pickguard for the Gibson J 45 Review is Gibson’s standard plain tortoise tear drop shape, which has been used on the J-45 since its introduction in 1942. As with all of Gibson’s pickguards, the coloring and binding are all done by hand.

A rosette is the beautiful, hand-crafted circle around the soundhole, and can be one of the most ornamental elements of any acoustic guitar. It is also one of the most subtle and complicated woodworking decorations on any acoustic guitar. The rosette on the J-45 is a simple single-ring rosette consisting of three-ply binding, adding a stylish, understated elegance to the gibson j 45 custom vintage sunburst Standard.

The fingerboard of Gibson’s J-45 is constructed from the highest grade rosewood on earth, which is personally inspected and qualified by Gibson’s team of skilled experts before it enters the Gibson factories. The resilience of this durable wood makes the fingerboard extremely balanced and stable, and gives each chord and note unparalleled clarity and bite. The J-45’s dot inlays are made of genuine mother of pearl, measuring approximately 1/4-inch in diameter, and are inserted into the fingerboard using a process that eliminates gaps. The fingerboard also sports a rolled edge–instead of the usual right angle where the fingerboard surface meets the neck, Gibson Acoustic’s rolled edges are slightly beveled for an extremely smooth and comfortable feel, enhancing the playability of the J-45.

Gibson Acoustic’s J-45 comes equipped with the popular Element Active Acoustic Pickup System from L.R. Baggs, which features a low-profile undersaddle element–or transducer–that’s proven more stable and durable than many standard ribbon-type pickups. Combined with an onboard preamp with an unobtrusive volume control mounted just inside the soundhole, the Element delivers performance not previously attainable from an undersaddle pickup. Its sleek and effective design removes unnecessary internal components to enhance the coupling between the pickup and the guitar, and improve the sensitivity of the transducer for a robust, lively, and natural acoustic sound with excellent dynamics and delicate high end. The Element works with a standard 9V battery, which is housed inside the guitar in L.R. Bagg’s new “Battery Bagg.”