Vintage Gibson J45

Vintage Gibson J 45 Guitar

Gibson’s new J-45 True Vintage captures the genuine spirit of Gibson’s most popular acoustic. Nicknamed “The Workhorse” for its simple, rock-solid construction, the new Vintage Gibson J45 True Vintage—hand-made by Gibson Acoustic in Bozeman, Montana—offers the build, materials, looks, and tone of this legendary guitar as it was the day it was first introduced in 1942. This new model stays true to the original in every way, including the same round-shoulder dreadnought body design, with a top made from Adirondack red spruce, custom vintage top bracing, and back and sides constructed from pattern-grade mahogany from Honduras.

The Gibson J-45 acoustic guitar is the prince of a range of Gibson flattops now referred to as “Round-Shoulder Dreadnoughts.” This elegant workhorse debuted in 1942, and became an instant favorite for its rich, warm, vocal tone and excellent projection. Today, this Gibson acoustic guitar is played by the likes of Bob Dylan, Ralph McTell, Billy Jo Armstrong, and Lucinda Williams. Carrying accurate touches such as a Slim-Taper neck profile, teardrop tortoise pickguard, 4-ply top binding, and banner headstock inlay (declaring “Only A Gibson Is Good Enough”), the Gibson J-45 True Vintage is an accurate representation of the acoustic guitar that became the standard of hard-gigging bluegrass, folk, and country artists of the 1940s and 1950s.

Each Gibson True Vintage J-45 acoustic guitar is built in Bozeman, Montana, with a top made from solid Adirondack red spruce, a rare and highly prized tonewood, and constructed with hot hide glue, just like back in the day.

Great sounding, strings are soft as butter, very light in weight. own Taylor 414 & Martin dc-16rgte aura, these will be set aside. some light swirl marks front and back in dark areas but have to be under certian light conditions to see. In touch with Gibson about this now. Owned a Gibson j 45 when 11 years (1958) it got destroyed and could not afford to replace untill now. Great to have the j 45 again. It has the sound I have been looking for, just had to save a long time to purchase. The Taylor and Martin are good also but everyone has their own playing style and sound they are looking for, and this is it for me. Beautiful sound and looks. My wife has been playing piano, keyboard and organ for 54 years and she says it is the best sounding guitar she has ever heard and boy does she know her notes, she lets me know when I miss a sharp or flat

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